Grapevine Faith Christian School – Grapevine, TX

This was another Design/Build project that was quite a challenge.  ATG  constructed a concrete pedestrian tunnel under a track to join the north and south campuses of the school. The track is owned by Dallas Area Rapid Transit and operated by The Fort Worth and Western Railway. Trinity Railway Express also has operating rights on the track. The project required the track grade to be raised five feet to avoid interference with existing utilities located in the right of way. All construction was coordinated with the three rail agencies as well as the school, local government and several utility owners. The school had been trying to do this project for several years but could never work it out with all the entities or get it to a feasible cost. Our Design Engineers started thinking outside the box & came up with a design that had never been considered.  ATG spent many months discussing with all entities, designing & tweaking as needed, and was able to get the cost in a range that the school felt was feasible.  The construction began in June after school got out & was completed during the summer months while the students were on summer break.


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