Holly Energy Partners – Tulsa, OK

      Holly Energy Partners in Tulsa, OK is currently undergoing a major rail upgrade at their facility.  All of the inbound and outbound traffic is being moved to the west edge of the plant outside of the refinery Process Area.  All of the track switching will be moved away from the Process Area and into the old Tank Farm when the project is complete.

     This project presents many challenges – some still unknown and discovered as we go along with the project.

  • Because of the age of the refinery, the potential of unknown product lines exists. As these lines are discovered, they must be cut, cleaned and capped which can impact the schedule.
  • The track is being installed over the Plains Pipeline, Phillips Pipeline and the Magellan Pipeline (which carries jet fuel). Due to the configuration in this area, they cannot be raised, but instead must be lowered and encased under the track.
  • Holly Frontier is requiring the BNSF Railroad security gate to be installed with lights, cameras and remote access. This requires fiber optics for the video camera and the remote access to be run back to the main security office 1 ½ miles away.

     This project consists of 23,540 track feet and 16 turnouts to be built.  This will increase the storage capacity by 247 cars, nearly doubling the current capacity of 250.  This will eliminate their short term storage fees of $98 per car they now incur with the railroad.  This will pay for the project and they estimate their return on investment to be 4-5 years.


TX Address:

Fort Worth Office


2488 Golden Triangle Blvd


Fort Worth, TX 76177

Toll Free:

(866) 498-1542


(888) 700-6393

OK Address:

Tulsa Office:


2702 N. Sheridan Rd., Bldg 1


Tulsa, OK 74115